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We're On a Mission

At I Motivate Me™, with everything within us, we believe in the power of motivated people! The way we empower motivated people is by designing amazing apparel that’s stimulating and inspiring. We just happen to make clothing people love to wear.

Serving as social change agents, we engage people everywhere who spread motivation and stay motivated, against all odds, to do good.

"Yesterday is gone; deal with it.  Today is here; utilize it.  Tomorrow is near; prepare for it."

-Our Founder & Middle School Teacher, Angela Tezeno

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The Story of Us

We're gonna change the world; and we're gonna do it for the common good! This "change the world" concept isn't the brainchild of our founder, Angela Tezeno, but as a serial optimist and middle school teacher, who people call the "mountain movin motivator" and affectionately "rainbow bright", Angela believes motivated people inspire, influence and guide the common good in the world.

We're not driven by how many people we can convince to buy our product, we're driven by how many people we can engage to join the positive social change movement...and we do it cause we believe it's the right thing to do. That's our story and we're sticking to it.


What's the Difference?
What's the Difference?

by Angela Tezeno December 31, 2016

The many colors of our world enlighten us, intrigue us, and admittedly divide us more than anything.   Separation of color, although it brings brilliance to a painting and mystery to the abyss of our world, also admittedly causes division in our society. 

Pick a Cause
Pick a Cause

by Angela Tezeno December 30, 2016

Pick a flavor of ice cream, Pick a guy online, Pick the next new movie, OR.....Pick a CAUSE. It's the causes in life that not only change the lives of those we serve, but changes our lives to become who we're meant to be....WORLD CHANGERS.

It's more than just's about the cause
It's more than just's about the cause

by Angela Tezeno December 29, 2016

We're not just the average apparel company. We're an engagement company. Let's get engaged to fulfill the biggest mission of all time....Change the world.  For Good.